Instead of a Candle for Metropolitan Amfilohije

Korona virus, Crna Gora, Srbija i SPC: Ko je bio mitropolit Amfilohije i  zašto je važio za jednog od najmoćnijih ljudi crkve - BBC News na srpskomFor to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain – Philipians 1:21

These are words of the great apostle Paul written in the epistle to the Philippians. And we are witnesses that the life of Metropolitan Amfilohije is similar to the life of the Apostle Paul, who before his departure lived and suffered with the faithful and taught them in order to prepare them for his departure, always knowing that for the one who lives in Christ and by Christ, departure (death) in fact is gain.

OrthoPrax, the ultimate Christian Orthodox calendar, prayer book, and guide

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The Festive Fast

By: Marigoula Kokkinou and Georgia Kofinas

A guide to olive oil and vegetarian cuisine

More than just a cookbook, The Festive Fast serves as a guide to olive oil and vegetarian cuisine based on the dietary guidelines of the Eastern Orthodox liturgical fasts. The 389 recipes focus on both traditional and creative Mediterranean cuisine, offering healthy food choices without meat and dairy products. Together with quotes from the Church Fathers, this book offers a means to maintain a balance between body and soul. The recipes in this book can be used for sit-down meals, buffets, cocktails, dinners, tea parties, or coffee hours. There are certain ingredients which should be kept on hand which are basic to lenten and vegetarian cuisines. The Festive Fast is a precious guide to balanced nourishment, facilitating the ascetical effort of fasting and the adoption of a proper lifestyle. Its authors have treasured the experience of people and offered rich proposals for inspiration and culinary creativity.

To The Glory of God The Father: The Lives of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville and Chicago and Saint Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson and Their Selected Writings

By: Bishop Maxim, Hieromonk Damascene, Ruzica Maric 

The lives of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville and Chicago and Saint Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson and their selected writings.

This book, prologued by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej, contains the lives of the two new Saints of the Church who were granted to the North American continent through the Serbian Orthodox Church. The main incentive for publishing this hagiographical work comes from the desire to refresh the memory on these Christ-like people. Bishop Mardarije Uskokovic and Arhimandrite Sebastian Dabovich were the best examples of servant leadership (Matthew 20:27-28), in our recent history in the USA.

Welcoming the Christ Child-Book Only Elissa Bjeletich
Illustrated by: Jelena Jeftic

Journey through the Old Testament with 40 wonderfully illustrated Bible readings, one for each day of the Nativity Lent. These short, beloved stories from Scripture include questions and answers to encourage family discussion, and can be used any of time of year, to assist parents in their efforts to bring the Holy Orthodox Faith to life in their homes, increasing understanding and inspiring love for Christ and His Church. Old Testament events and prophecies—many of which are shown to point the way to the birth of the Christ Child—together with New Testament events leading up to and including Christ’s Nativity, all serve to help Orthodox families enter more deeply into the spirit of the Nativity Fast, and to celebrate the feast of Christmas with greater understanding and inspiration.

No Faith Is More Beautiful Than the Christian Faith

No Faith Is More Beautiful Than the Christian FaithBy: Bishop Danilo (Krstic), Hieromonk Amfilohije (Radovic) 

Penned by Bishop Danilo and Hieromonk Amfilohije, originally published in Serbian (in 1986) and now available in English for the first time, this Catechism book is a great introduction into the basic evangelical teachings of the Orthodox faith and life. Authors of this publication are offering this simple but existential gift to all. This wonderful book belongs to Christian Orthodox Catechism series and explores the mystery of faith in Old and New Testament.

Among many other questions, it answers these existential inquiries: What is true faith? Who is God? What is God like? Who is man? What is God’s revelation? What is the Bible, or the Holy Scriptures? What is the Old Testament? What is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Why is the Lord Jesus Christ called the God-Man? What did Jesus say on Saturday, the Sabbath? How does the history of the Church begin? It concludes with the chapter on the prayer life of the Church and the last days.