Patriarch Porfirije: We are called to see all people as our brothers

His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch, celebrated the Holy Hierarchical Liturgy in the church of Saint Nicholas of Myra in Karlovac, on 17 July 2021, on the feast day of Holy Hieromartyr Sava of Gornji Karlovac

At the Holy Liturgy where the Patron Saint-day  of the Diocese of Gornji Karlovac was marked, Their Graces Bishops Fotije of Zvornik-Tuzla and Gerasim of Gornji Karlovac concelebrated, who after the consecration of the slava gifts in honor and glory of the Holy Hieromartyr Sava on behalf of the clergy, monastics and the faithful thanked Patriarch Porfirije and His Grace Bishop Fotije on their visit to the Diocese of Gornji Karlovac and their prayerful contribution to the celebration of the patron saint of the suffering Diocese. - The arrival of the Patriarch is a confirmation of the unity of the Serbian Orthodox Church in this area, Bishop Gerasim pointed out.

- We are called to see all people as our brothers. Man was created by the love of God, he is an icon of God created for eternity in Christ through the Church in the Holy Liturgy, it is a part is a part of the archpastoral sermon of Patriarch Porfirije.

Holy people endowed with Christ, such as the Holy Hieromartyr Sava of Gornji Karlovac, pray for the whole human race. Saint Sava was full of love for everyone and when he was offered to escape, he said that he would stay and be with his people. That is why God glorified him as a saint, Patriarch Porfirije pointed out.