The Patriarch serves the Holy Liturgy with the invocation of the Holy Spirit for the blessed beginning of the new school year

Dear elementary school pupils, dear high school students, dear students, parents and teachers,

On Saturday, September 4, starting at 9 am in the Memorial Cathedral church of St. Sava in the Vracar district, we will celebrate the Divine Liturgy and the invocation of the Holy Spirit for a successful and God-blessed beginning of the new school year 2021/22. I invite all of you to come to prayer and blessing: elementary, high school, students, teachers, parents...

Everyone is welcome - both those who attend religious classes and those who do not attend religious classes but learn civic education, because no matter how capable and skilled we are, how much knowledge we have, everyone needs help, and God helps those who ask Him for it. . We need his help, above all to stay healthy and happy, to socialize and rejoice every day; but also to overcome all difficulties. I convinced myself, especially as a pupil, that God helped me many times when I had no solutions, when I turned to Him in prayer.

So, everyone needs God, and that is why on Saturday, September 4, in the church of Saint Sava in Vracar, at 9 am, we will all turn to Him, our Lord Christ Jesus, to send us the grace of the Holy Spirit to strengthen our spiritual forces as you would successfully complete a class or pass the exams that are ahead of you, and also that your parents, teachers and professors would be proud of you and that you would always be friends with your schoolmates in the lives ahead of you.

Your friend in Christ;
Serbian Patriarch Porfirije