The Patriarch Porfirije, through "Privrednik", helps students in Croatia

His Holiness Porfirije, Serbian Patriarch donated sufficient funds for the ten annual student scholarships to the Serbian Business Association Privrednik from Zagreb

One of the oldest Serb organizations in Croatia, the Serbian Business Association Privrednik from Zagreb, in the past school/academic year awarded scholarships to a total of 80 talented students from all over Croatia, mostly from neglected and economically underdeveloped areas.

Prior to the beginning of the new school /academic year, as announced by Privrednik, as before, funds are being intensively raised for scholarships for gifted students and students of lower financial means. The annual scholarship for one pupil is 5,000 HRK (about 700 EUR) and 10,000 HRK (about 1,300 EUR) for a student.

This year, in order to raise funds for scholarships, Privrednik launched a public campaign Support for Youth, which included famous public figures (Momcilo Bajagic Bajaga, Goran Bogdan, Voja Brajovic, Svetlana Bojkovic, Ida Prester and Nikola Pejakovic). They all call on good people who recognize the importance of education and investing in young people to help Privrednik in this important charitable mission.

"Today, with great pride and gratitude, we point out that Serbian Patriarch Porfirije with his personal donation has become the first 'supporter for young people' became. In this academic year, His Holiness will educate as many as ten excellent students from different faculties and from different parts of Croatia through the Privrednik’s Fund "Vladimir Matijević". During his ministry in Zagreb as the Metropolitan of Zagreb and Ljubljana, he always supported and helped our work and our scholarship holders, and he continues that from the highest throne in the Serbian Orthodox Church, knowing that this not only helps many young people. people and their families, but also sets an example to many around the world that giving is a blessing that is returned to the individual and the community many times over, "the statement says.

"The Privrednik is a society that has traditionally, since its founding in Zagreb in 1897, been tied to the Church. Therefore, we are especially glad that the Patriarch recognizes our mission and we will be encouraged to continue to persevere in our work, which is to help young people go to school and, knowing who supported them, preserve their cultural and national identity and benefit and the pride of his people and his country ", the management of Privrednik concluded.