Prayer farewell of Zoran Vucevic

On Thursday, August 26, 2021, His Grace Bishop Irinej of Backa participated in the great hall of the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad, at the commemoration of the newly departed Zoran Vucevic, the former President of the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad.

In his address at the commemoration, His Grace Bishop Irinej, among other things, pointed out that the newly departed Zoran Vucevic had the virtues of faith in God, loyalty to his Mother Church, and that he is credited for the existence of Patron Saint-day of the city of Novi Sad. Then Bishop Irinej of Backa presented the Order of St. Simeon the Myrrh-bearer to Mrs. Gordana Vucevic, wife of the newly ordained Zoran Vucevic, with which the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church posthumously awarded him for his active love for the Holy Mother Church. especially shown by his selfless contribution to the improvement of relations between the Diocese of Backa and the City of Novi Sad and the commitment to establish the feast of the Restoration of the Church of St. George the Great Martyr as the Patron Saint-day of the City of Novi Sad.

After the address of His Grace Bishop Irinej, about the personality and work of the newly departed Zoran Vucevic: Zoran Kolundzija, director of the publishing house "Prometej" from Novi Sad, publicist Milorad Vukasinovic, Dan Fracile, president of the table tennis club "Novi Sad", and Dragoljub Samardzic.

The commemoration at the Serbian National Theater was attended by members of the Vucevic family, representatives of the republic and provincial authorities, prominent public figures from the cultural and public life of Novi Sad, as well as numerous friends and admirers of the late Zoran Vucevic.

His Grace Bishop Irinej of Backa served the requiem service over the body of the newly appointed Zoran Vucevic, former President of the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad at the New Cemetery in Novi Sad, on Thursday, August 26, 2021. His Grace Bishop Irinej was concelebrated by priests and deacons of Novi Sad.

After the service, Bishop of Backa delivered a sermon above the scaffold of the newly departed Zoran Vucevic, in which he stated: "Our faith forms people as God-like and Christ-like personalities. It makes no sense if it is only declarative, if there is dead faith in words. It only has meaning and salvation if it is manifested throughout our lives. I believe that the confession of our Orthodox faith and fidelity to our holy Church and active life within our Serbian Orthodox Church have greatly contributed to the development of Zoran's personality into everything we heard about today at the commemoration. Retirement is not the final farewell. It is the longest farewell we know experientially in our lives from cradle to grave. But we are, according to our faith, all alive even after the grave. He who believes in the Lord will have eternal life, he will pass from death to life. The Lord will resurrect everyone who believes in Him on the last day, but not for the resurrection of judgment but for the resurrection of eternal life. ” At the end of the sermon, His Grace Bishop Irinej, on behalf of the clergy, the faithful people of the Diocese of Backa and on his own behalf, expressed his condolences to the Vucevic family.

Source: Diocese of Backa