Christians invited to join virtually in prayer for 54th Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Pope Francis and other religious leaders during an Ecumenical Prayer for Peace event in BariThe 2021 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is celebrated from 18 to 25 January. During this period, Christians are invited to pray for reconciliation and unity within the Church.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is traditionally observed annually from 18 – 25 January. However, in the southern hemisphere, where January is a vacation time, churches find another time during the year to celebrate it, for example around Pentecost which is also a symbolic time for the unity of the Church.

Pope Francis and the Pope emeritus receive Covid-19 vaccine

Pope Francis and Pope emeritus Benedict XVIPope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI receive their first doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in the Vatican.

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in the Vatican which began on Wednesday continues with both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI receiving their first doses of the vaccine.

Christmas Visit of President Vucic to Chilandar Monastery

President of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, paid a visit to the Chilandar Monastery on Mount Athos, during the Christmas holidays. This was the first official visit of a Serbian president to this Holy Royal Serbian Laura in the past two decades.

President Vucic attended the Christmas Liturgy, after which he said: - Serbia is facing a difficult year and many temptations, and only together and united we can preserve our national interests and make Serbia stronger and more successful. It is wonderful to be a guest of Chilandar and its brotherhood at Christmas, the happiest Orthodox feast day. I have learned a lot and have seen a lot, but I also have gained reinforcement and special strength to fight for our Serbia - for the Serbia that is to be more successful, even stronger, and capable to protect our national interests.

Pakistan’s Christians and other faiths hold Christmas event

Cardinal Joseph Coutts of Karachi invited members of Christian Churches and other faiths at an event at St. Patrick's Cathedral to celebrate harmony, peace and solidarity in the spirit of Christmas.

Cardinal Joseph Coutts, the Archbishop of the southern port city of Karachi, invited Christians and representatives of other religions to the pre-Christmas celebration at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on December 12. “We should not only gather to celebrate but we have to be united in each other’s difficult times,” Cardinal Coutts the participants.

“Christians in Nigeria are Slaughtered Like Animals”

Global: “Christians in Nigeria are slaughtered like animals by radical Islamic terrorist groups like Boko Haram and others.” State George Alexander (Secretary of Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE, Pan-Orthodox Christian Society.

The Statement on Nigerian Christians

Christians in Nigeria face severe persecution from Islamic extremist groups like Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. Under the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari, Christian are persecuted on a daily basis in the country. A genocide is looming in West Africa. Abubakar Shekau, leader of the radical Islamic terror group, Boko Haram intends to build an Islamic Caliphate in the region by terminating Christians. Over 15000 Christians have been murdered since 2015 even though the exact number is considerably higher.