New research reveals significant contribution by cathedrals to local economies and communities

A new report has highlighted the hugely positive economic and social impact England’s cathedrals have on the cities and communities they serve and the effect the pandemic has had on their contribution. In 2019, England’s 42 Anglican cathedrals contributed £235m to their local economies. They provided 6,065 jobs full time equivalent jobs and volunteering posts for 15,400 people who gave 906,000 hours of their time. They welcomed more than 14.6 million visits, 308,000 by schoolchildren for educational events, and 9.5m from tourists.

The Youth of the New Gracanica Midwest Diocese Presents Their: 5th Annual Summer College Retreat – August 3rd – 6th

Very Reverend and Reverend Clergy, Church-School Congregation Executive Boards, Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With the blessing of His Grace Bishop Longin, the Youth Department is pleased to announce the 5th Annual College Retreat (and young adult) to be held at the New Gračanica Monastery, Third Lake, IL, from Tuesday, August 3rd  through  Friday, August 6th. The retreat is open to both college/university students and young adults ages 18 to 28.

The Nicholai Studies, Volume I, Number 2

The Nicholai Studies, Volume I, Number 2, , Belgrade: Christian Cultural Center “Dr. Radovan Bigović,” 2021. 330 pp.

The second issue of the Nicholai Studies, an international journal for the research of theological and ecclesiastical contribution of Nicholai Velimirovich (1881–1956), as well as the wider context in which he lived and created, is published.

In the second issue of the Nicholai Studies appeared an essay by Frère Richard from Taizé, inspired by the thoughts of Bishop Nicholai, and an article by Bishop Irinej Dobrijević — on Nicholai Velimirovich’s mission in America 1915–1918, as well as an article by Slavica Popović Filipović on the mission of Nicholai Velimirovich in Great Britain during the First World War. Rastko Lompar’s research published in this issue is dedicated to the problem of the authenticity of Bishop Nicholai’s sermon on Dimitrije Ljotić’s funeral on April 24, 1945, while Nemanja Andrijašević’s article is paying attention to the image of Bishop Nicholai according to the correspondence of Đorđe Radin and Đoko Slijepčević. Željko Perović’s paper is focused on the views of Bishop Nicholai on fascism, and Ilija Kajtez’s article is focused on Velimirovich’s understanding of war, while Pavle Botić’s contribution is dedicated to the mystagogy of St Nicholai Velimirovich. In the second issue, there is a review of the collection of articles on the Hegumenia Ana Adžić by Dejan Tanić, as well as a review of a new publication regarding the orphanage of St Nicholas in Bitola — Bogdaj.

Patriarch John X Contacts the Muslim Religious Leaders in Lebanon

Following the visit to the Vatican, His Beatitude Patriarch John X contacted the Muslim Religious Leaders in Lebanon: the Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Darian, Sheikh Ali al-Khatib, First Deputy-head of the Supreme Shia Council, and Sheikh Akl of the Druze Naim Hassan.

The best photo in Croatia in 2020: Patriarch in a ruined temple

The Patriarch said in the explanation of the award: "Natural forces, unlike human beings, do not choose their victims, neither by their social status, nor by religion,"

On the World Press Freedom Day, May 3, 2021, the Croatian Journalists' Association awarded annual prizes for the best journalistic achievements in 2020. The Nikša Antonini Award for the best newspaper photography was given to the extraordinary work of Boris Ščitar, the photographer of Pixell. The photo was taken on March 28, 2020, six days after the devastating earthquake that hit the Croatian capital.